The Pyramid Texts of UNAS

by Wim van den Dungen

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West and East Walls
(313 - 317 and 318 - 321)

"<" or ">" between numbers = sequence of the text
"<" from right to left (facing right) or ">" from left to right (facing left)


adapted from the pictures of L.F. Husson in :
Piankoff, A. : The Pyramid of Unas, Bollingen Series, 1968.

to download a larger picture of the East Wall click here
the text reads from right to left

adapted from the pictures of L.F. Husson in :
Piankoff, A. : The Pyramid of Unas, Bollingen Series, 1968.

to download a larger picture of the West Wall click here
the text reads from left to right


{...}  :  restored passage
<...> : conjectured translation of unknown word
(...)   : words added to bring out the sense and/or to clarify

The first number given, is the ordinal position of the utterance in the present English version of the 228 utterances of the Unas text, while the second is the traditional enumeration of the sayings by Sethe.

CORRIDOR / West Wall (313 - 317)


224 (313) opening the door to the sky

by the priest

Draw back, the phallus of Babi.
Open, {door of the sky. You sealed door,
open a path for King Unas} on the heat of the fire where the gods scoop water.
The glide path of Horus, the glide path of Horus, will King Unas glide on, in this heat of the fire where the gods scoop water ?
They will make a road for King Unas (so) that King Unas may pass on it, for this King Unas is Horus.

225 (314) spell against the guardian of the door

by the priest

To say the words :
Back, gored longhorn, with the fingers of the horizon on his horns !
Fall down !
Retreat !

226 (315) entering the sky

by the King

Here am I, King Unas, O screeching baboon, O howling baboon.
My death is at my own desire, my honour upon me, I make acclamation and ululation and sit among {the youngsters}.

227 (316)

by the King

O You back-turning star, I, King Unas does not have to give You his magic. I sit side by side with my back to the swept area in Heliopolis. I will be taken to the sky !

228 (317)

by the King

To say the words :
I, King Unas, have come here in advance of the waters of the great flood.
I am Sobek, green of plumage, watchful of face, raised fore, the raging one who came forth from the tigh and tail of the Great One who is in the Sunshine.

I have come to my canals which in the flood-shore of the Great Inundation, to the place of rest with green fields in the horizon, that I might make green the herbage which is on the shores of the horizon, that I might bring faience to the great eye in the midst of the fields, that I might receive my seat that is in the horizon.
I have appeared as Sobek, son of Neith.
I will eat with my mouth.
I will urinate and I will copulate with my phallus.
I am the Lord of Semen, who takes women from their husbands to the place I wish, according to the urges of my heart.

CORRIDOR / East Wall (318 - 321)


229 (318)

by the priest

To say the words :
King Unas is a Plait-snake, the bull who leads}, who swallowed his seven uraei and his seven neck-vertebrae came into being, {who gives orders}
to the seven Enneads which hear the word of the monarch.

King Unas will come so that he may inhale myrrh and become beautiful with myrrh, (for) King Unas fingernail is full of myrrh.

King Unas will take away your power, You gods !
Serve King Unas who will assign your Kas.

230 (319)

by the priest

To say the words :
King Unas is a bull with radiance in the midst of his eyes :
the mouth of King Unas is hale with the fiery blast and the head of King Unas has the horns of Horus, the Lord of the Nile Valley.
King Unas will lead the god.
King Unas will control the Ennead.
King Unas will cultivate lapis-lazuli.
King Unas will plant the acacia of the Nile Valley, for
King Unas has tied the cords of the peppergrass,
King Unas has united the skies, and
King Unas has power over the southern and northern lands - the god of those in (his) presence, for
King Unas has built the city of the god in accordance with its proper due.
King Unas is the third in his appearance (with Horus and Re).


by the priest

To say the words :
Now that King Unas has cleared the night, and
King Unas has sent off the hour-stars,

the controlling powers will appear and privilege King Unas as Babi.
King Unas is the son of her who does not know him :
she bore King Unas to yellow-face, Lord of the Night Skies

(He is) your greater, You Lords !
Hide yourselves, You common folk, from before King Unas !
King Unas is Babi,
Lord of the Night Sky,
the bull of baboons,
who lives on those who do not know him.

232 (321)

by the priest

To say the words :
O You (ferryman) with the back of his head behind him, bring to King Unas Seferet-hetepet which is on the back of Osiris, (so) that King Unas may ascend on it to the sky and King Unas may escort Re in the sky.

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