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by Wim van den Dungen

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West Wall
(254 - 258 & 260)

"<" or ">" between numbers = sequence of the text
"<" from right to left (facing right) or ">" from left to right (facing left)


adapted from the pictures of L.F. Husson in :
Piankoff, A. : The Pyramid of Unas, Bollingen Series, 1968.

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the text reads from right to left


{...}  :  restored passage
<...> : conjectured translation of unknown word
(...)   : words added to bring out the sense and/or to clarify

The first number given, is the ordinal position of the utterance in the present English version of the 228 utterances of the Unas text, while the second is the traditional enumeration of the sayings by Sethe.

The King as Horus of the South (Hierakonpolis)

171 (254) Horus the King confirmed at the entrance of the horizon

by the priest

The Great One will be censed for the Bull of Nekhen, and
the flame of the blast will be toward You who are around the shrine.

by the King

O great god whose name is unknown !
A meal in place for the Sole Lord !
O Lord of the Horizon, make ready a place for me, King Unas !
For if You fail to make ready a place for me, I will lay a curse on my father Geb, (saying) : "The Earth will speak no more. Geb has no <guard>."
Whoever I find in my way, I will devour.
The pelican will prophesy !
The Sunshine bird will go up !
The Great One will arise !
The Enneads will speak (saying) :
"The Earth being entirely dammed up, for the mountain ranges on either side of the river have been joined together and the river-banks have been united, the roads have been made impassable to travellers, and the slopes have been destroyed for those who would go up !"

by the god with the great plow

The rope has been guided, the <beaten path> crossed and the ball struck at the mouth of the Apis's canal.

Oho ! Your fields are in fear, You Climbing Star, before the Pillar of the Stars, for they have seen the Pillar of Kenzet, the Bull of the Sky, and the Oxherd shall be overwhelmed upon its stem.

Oho ! Fear and trembling shall descend upon the Knife-Bearers before the storm of the sky, for he has parted the Earth by means of what he knew, on the day when he wished to come - so says the god with the great plow who is in the midst of the Duat.

by the Beautiful West

See, she comes to meet You, the goddess of the Beautiful West, meeting You with her lovely tresses !

She says: "Here comes he whom I gave birth, whose horn is upstanding, eye-painted pillar, the Bull of the Sky ! Your shape is notable ! Pass in peace, for I have protected You." - so says the Beautiful West to King Unas.

by Thighs-Forward

"Go, row to the Field of Offerings and travel to Him who is on his high tree.", so says Thighs-Forward. "You plow into the Earth to your thickness, to your middle, to your shoulders. You shall see Re in his fetters, You shall praise Re in his loosing from fetters by means of the aegis of the Great One, which is in its red linen. The Lord of Peace is giving You your {title}."

by the King

O You apes who cut off heads, I, King Unas, will pass by You in peace, for I have tied my head to my neck, and my neck is on my torso in this my name of Head-Tier, by means of which I tied the head of Apis on that day when the longhorned bull was lassoed.

Since I have allowed them <to eat> from their cups and drink from their inundation, so shall I be protected in the same by those who see me.

The jubilation uraeus, Tefnut of King Unas, who supports Shu, is on her electrum staff, widening my place in Busiris, in Mendes, and in Djedut, erecting dual standards in front of the Great Ones, excavating a pool for me in the Field of Reeds, and confirming my farmland in the Field of Offerings.

I will give judgment between the two contestants in the Great Immersion, for my power is the power of the Eye of Tebi, my strength is the strength of the Eye of Tebi.

I have protected myself from those who would do this against me, who would take away my food from me, who, when it was there, would take my supper from me and who, when it was there, would take the breath from my nose and who would bring to an end my days of life.

My force will be against them, when he is apparent on my shore. Their hearts will fall to my fingers, their entrails are for the denizens of the sky, their red parts are for the denizens of the Earth ! Their heirs are to be poor, their houses to conflagration, and their courtyards to the high Nile !

But my heart is sweet, my heart is sweet, for I am the unique one, the Bull of the Sky, for I have crushed those who would do this against me and have annihilated their survivors.

That which appertains to my throne, (that) which I have taken and lifted up, is this which my father Shu gave me in the presence of Seth !

172 (255) the King subdues the Hateful One

by the priest

To say the words :
The horizon will be censed for Horus of Nekhen !
A meal for the Lords !
The horizon will be censed for Horus of Nekhen !
The flame of <its> blast will be <toward You> who are around the shrine !
The outburst of its blast will be toward You who raise up the Great One !
The horizon will be censed for Horus of Nekhen !
A meal for the Lords !

by the King

{O You Hateful One}, hateful of character and hateful of shape, remove yourself from your place and lay your insignia of rank on the ground for me.

If You do not remove yourself from your place {and lay your insignia of rank on the ground} for me, then I, King Unas, will come, my face being that of this Great One, the Lord of Power who is strong through the injury which was done to him.

I will put {flame in my Eye}, and it will encompass You and set storm among the doers of (evil) deeds, gushing its (fiery) outburst among these primeval ones. I will smite away {the arms of Shu which support the sky} and I will thrust my shoulder into that rampart on which You lean.

The Great One indeed will rise within his shrine {and lay his insignia on the ground for} me, for I have assumed authorative speech and have power through understanding.

173 (256) the King on the throne of Horus

by the King

To say the words :
I, King Unas, have succeeded to Geb !
I have succeeded to Geb !
I have succeeded to Atum !
I am on the throne of Horus the first-born !
His Eye is my strength !
I am protected from what was done against him.
The flaming blast of my Uraeus is that of Renenutet on my head.
I have set the fear of me in their hearts by making strife with them.
I have seen the gods naked and bowing to me in adoration.
Row me, O mother of mine !
Tow me, O abode of mine !
Haul your cable !

174 (257) the King breaks through the canopy of the sky

by the priest

To say the words
There is excitement in the sky :
"We saw something new !", say the primeval gods.
O You Ennead, Horus is in the Sunlight !
Let the Lords of Forms terrorize for him.
Let Atum's Dual Ennead serve him as he sits on the throne of the Lord of All.

King Unas will acquire the sky, and cleave its iron.
King Unas will lead <on> the roads to Kheprer.
When King Unas rests in life in the West,
those of the Duat attend him.
When King Unas shines anew in the East,
he who settled the dispute will come to him bowing.

The gods will terrorize for King Unas,
since he is older than the Great One and belongs to the control of his throne.
King Unas will assume authorative speech.
Eternity shall be brought to him.
Understanding shall be placed for him at his feet.
Haul (the sky-boat) for King Unas,
for he has acquired the horizon.

The King as a Living Osiris

175 (258) the Horus King is an Osiris headed to the sky of Re

by the priest

To say the words :
King Unas is Osiris in a dust-devil.
Earth is his detestation !
King Unas will not enter into Geb, lest his bones perish and lest he sleep in his mansion upon Earth ; his bones are {made strong}, his ills are removed.
King Unas has become pure through the Eye of Horus.
His ill has been removed by the two Kites of Osiris.
King Unas has shed his outflow to Earth in Qus.

It is his sister (Wadjet), the Lady of Pe, who laments him, (saying) :
"King Unas goes to the sky !
King Unas goes to the sky !
On the wind !
On the wind !
He shall not be turned away, and there is none who will turn away from him.
He shall not sit in the tribunal of the god."

King Unas is the one who is <on his own>, the eldest of the gods : his bread-offering is for above with Re, his feast is from Nun !
King Unas is the one who goes to and fro, coming and going with Re and embracing his mansions.
King Unas will bestow Kas and take away Kas.
He will impose an obstacle and remove an obstacle.
King Unas will spend day and night appeasing the Two Adzes (Horus & Seth) in Hermopolis.
His foot will not be opposed, his heart cannot be barred.

The King is a Living Horus

176 (260) the King is a Living Horus vindicated by the Two Truths

by the King

To say the words :
O Geb ! Bull of Nut !
I, King Unas, am Horus, the heir of my father.
I have gone and came back, the fourth of these four gods who have brought water, who have administered purification,

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