Hieroglyphs scanned & edited by Wim van den Dungen

Hieroglyphic text of the Maxims of Good Discourse
of Papyrus Prisse, Papyri BM & the Carnarvon Tablet
by Zbynek Zába (1956)

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In 1956, Zába realized a decisive translation and also reproduced the hieroglyphs of the four main sources in a comprehensive and clear way (which was absent in the work of Dévaud, 1916). These hieroglyphs were published more than 40 years ago by the "Academie Tchécoslovatique des Sciences" of Prague (under the academician Frantisek Lexa), i.e. in former Czechoslovakia. They are identical with those published by him in 1948 in his thesis : Les Maximes de Ptahhotep, Texte, Traduction et Commentaires.


Zába, Z. : Les Maximes de Ptahhotep 
Éditions de l'Academie Tchécoslovatique des Sciences - Prague, 1956, pp.15-65.